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I totally agree

You are so right and it's a problem that needs to be solved. Good on ya. Video quality was kind of a let down next time why not just use screen shots? That is breach of the guidelines for posting reviews and they should lose their account. I completly and totally agree with your point of veiw.

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WhiteShock responds:

i did use screenshots its just i had to shrink them to fit the 750 x 600 pixel size limit
thx for watching and reveiwing

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Crazy, just like the original

It's so much like original. I know you did some instrument changes but it sounds remarkably upbeat and lighthearted like the original. Seriously, keep up the good work. Also, the way you've blended the sounds and drums has worked really well... I dunno what to say, guess I'll just have to keep humming this one to myself all day...

No Punch

Seriously, you need a little extra on top of this song, it doesn't give you that slap on the face that it should. It should DEMAND attention. Also I find it kinda repeititive and you lose intrest quick. Try adding some kind of melody or something to mix up a bit, sorry, but you just lost me...

DjZeaklous responds:

Thanks for the review.

Love it! Almost...

So close, I like it but its sounds a little... incomplete... I still like nd whtnot but its not quite there for me, still I give you a 9, respect.

I am a big fan of Legendary Frog and Super Flash Brothers, So far I haven't really done to much development although 1 day I will... Maybe not today, maybe not tommorow but maybe, just maybe, the day after that *Evil Laughter* (Cuts out) "Awwwwwwww" :)

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